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Fall 2013

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Book Arts

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Leonard, Julie

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Jacobsen, Cheryl

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Langworthy, Sara

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Sauers, Sara


Poetry by Post is a four-month poetry subscription service that will run from November of 2013 to February of 2014. I will produce one mailing per month that will include a letterpress-printed broadside that features a poem of my choosing and an accompanying literary analysis and reply postcard, also letterpress-printed, all contained within calligraphed envelopes and posted with vintage stamps. Subscriptions are available at $150 for the series or $50 for an individual mailing and will not exceed 50 in number. The inaugural Poetry by Post will feature Midwestern poets Jennie Kinneberg Wrisley, Eric McHenry, Catherine Tufariello, and Ted Kooser. I have taken "Midwestern" to mean anyone who has simply spent a good bit of time in the large swath of land in the middle of the U.S. And much like the Midwest, the poetry featured will be plainspoken but no less profound for that.


calligraphy, letterpress printing, literary criticism, philately, poetry, subscription


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