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Spring 2010

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MS (Master of Science)

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Staley, Robert N

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Wefel, James S

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Fang, Qian

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Moreno, Lina M


Objective: The purpose of this study was to compare in vitro the effectiveness of Novamin powered technology Oravive and TopexRenew, with Crest and Colgate's PreviDent 5000 Plus in decreasing demineralization and preventing white spot lesion formation on extracted human teeth.

Materials and Methods: Eighty-two extracted non-carious human third molar teeth without observable white-spot lesions, decalcification, or dental fluorosis were used for this in vitro study. The teeth in the study were suspended in their respective treatment slurry and cycled through remineralization and demineralization solutions for ten continuous days. Following the cycling protocol the teeth were sectioned using the hard tissue microtome producing three to five sections per tooth. The sections were photographed under a polarized light microscope and subsequently measured using Image Pro Plus computer software.

Results: The post-hoc Bonferroni multiple comparison test indicated that the mean lesion depths observed in Control and Oravive groups were significantly greater than the other three treatment groups, while the mean lesion depth observed in Prevident was significantly lower than those in Renew and Crest. Moreover, no significant difference was found between Control and Oravive or between Renew and Crest.

Conclusions: Renew (5% novamin; 5000 ppm F) performed at the same level as Crest (1100 ppm F) and inferior than Prevident 5000 Plus (5000 ppm F). Novamin by itself (Oravive, 5% Novamin) performed at the same level as the non-fluoridated Control group. Prevident 5000 Plus (5000 ppm F) was the most effective product in this study for the prevention of enamel demineralization and white spot lesion formation.


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