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Spring 2017

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Theatre Arts

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McGraw, David

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Turner, Melissa L F

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Winn, Bryon

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Kowal, Rebekah

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MacVey, Alan

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Dance Gala 2016 performed for two weeks from November 3rd through November 12th at Space Place Theater by the Department of Dance at The University of Iowa. It consisted of 6 dance pieces with an overall run time of approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes. In order the pieces that performed and who choreographed them were Performing Practice: Stages of Staging Our Selves by Jennifer Kayle, TNE – (Transitions Not Explanation) by Eloy Barragan, Light from the North (When Heaven Was Earth) by Kristin Marrs, She Drives Me Crazy by Charlotte Adams, Dornoombro by Armando Duarte and Ritual to the Sun from Acts of Life by Martha Graham (re-mounted by Jesse Factor). All the choreographers were faculty members of the Department of Dance at University of Iowa except Jesse Factor who was a graduate student in the Department of Dance.

Nathan Brauner served as the Stage Manager for this production. Prior to this concert, he was the Assistant Stage Manager on Dance Gala 2014 and then the Stage Manager on the 2014 Graduate/Undergraduate Concert. In 2015, Nathan was the Stage Manager for the Undergraduate Concert and the Youth Ballet Winter Concert. In 2016, he was the Stage Manager for the Undergraduate Concert and the Takao Event wherein the Department invited a dancer from Japan to showcase his work at the University. In addition to these concerts, Nathan had also taken two courses with the Dance Department.


Dance, Dance Gala, Stage Management


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