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Spring 2016

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PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Counselor Education and Supervision

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Portman, Tarrell Awe Agahe

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Saunders, Jodi

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Portman, Tarrell A.A.

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Wood, Susannah M.

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Saunders, Jodi L.

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Daly, Jeanette M.

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Duys, David K.


Trauma has been studied sporadically in the past. The Council on Accreditation for Counseling and Related Programs (CACREP, 2016) created several standards that address crises, disasters, and other trauma-causing events. These standards address the importance of the studying of trauma for those in the counseling profession. The broadly written standards do not have competencies that would address more specifically how best to implement the standards. This study used the Delphi Method to seek the experts help with creating competencies for the standards created by CACREP that address crises, disasters, and other trauma-causing events. The results will be the development of trauma competencies that can be used by counselor educators to train future counselors about trauma.


CACREP, Competencies, Counselor Education, Counselor Training, Delphi Study, Trauma


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Includes bibliographical references (pages 145-154).


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