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Spring 2010

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MS (Master of Science)

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Richard L. Valentine

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Gene F Parkin

Second Committee Member

Michelle M Scherer


The objective of this project was to investigate a novel pathway for the formation of the iodinated disinfection by-products iodoform and iodoacetic acid. The NOM/metal oxide/I- system was verified to form both iodinated disinfection by-products in relevant environmental conditions near neutral pH. Research was conducted further by using authentic pipe deposit as the metal oxide. The two iodo-DBPs were detected in the NOM/pipe deposit/I- system, as well as in the absence of NOM. The hypothesis for this research was that the two iodinated disinfection by-products would form in drinking water distribution systems by a reaction between natural organic matter, authentic pipe deposit, and iodide.


xvii, 85 pages


Includes bibliographical references (pages 84-85).


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