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Date of Degree

Spring 2017

Degree Name

MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Book Arts

First Advisor

Leonard, Julia

Second Advisor

Langworthy, Sara

First Committee Member

Brown, Matthew

Second Committee Member

Jung, Anita

Public Abstract

All night long a wolf howls at the moon and makes noise on his squeezebox, fueled by whatever barrel of potion is in the back of the cart. The rig is pulled by a mule and one night poor wolf is swindled out of his trusty steed by a witch who offers him some magic beans in exchange. Watered by tears of remorse, the beans grow into a stalk that reaches up into the clouds where the one-eyed giant lives with his magic cigar box banjo. The wolf goes up and more things go down.

The story of Beans is told in fifty woodcuts, letterpress printed in color from cherry blocks. Considering the great heights reached by the bean stalk, it is printed on two sides of a scroll measuring over nine feet long. The scroll has finished maple ends and is sealed in a food grade bean can.


vii, 7 pages


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