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Korean Canadian composer Serra Miyeun Hwang (1962-) has written three compositions for cello- Beckoning, Presence, and Hundredth View- inspired by Korean culture and traditional music. She infuses each piece with Korean elements, including special rhythmic patterns, text, and tone color, which are influenced and motivated by traditional Korean percussion music, religions, culture, combined with techniques of Western instrumental performance. The purpose of this study is to introduce Hwang’s music to other cellists and help them incorporate the historical and cultural aspects of Korean traditional music to their performance practices. By analyzing Hwang’s compositions in greater detail, this essay will provide cellists practice guidelines to achieve the desired tone and interpretive gestures of new cello repertoire.

This essay contains Hwang’s biography and her philosophy of music and a description of the Korean influences on her music, including the genres of traditional music in Korea, their cultural background, music in Shaman ceremonies, Buddhist music, and p’ungmul (folk drumming and dance). There is also a performance guide of Beckoning for Cello and two Korean Drums; Presence for Soprano, Cello, and Piano; and Hundredth View for Solo Cello with my own interpretation.

Learning Hwang’s pieces will bring cellists new experiences that are a mixture of music, culture, thoughts, and methods from Western and Eastern influences.


Cello, New Music, Performance Guide, Serra Hwang


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Includes bibliographical references (pages 72-75).


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