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Spring 2017

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Yuen, Kee-Ho

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Yuen, Kee-Ho

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Correia, Monica C.G.

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Jung, Anita

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McGuire, Steve


My pieces are inspired by bubble wrap. I was inspired by a Japanese toy which you can squeeze it unlimited times to help people to release there pressures. As the same way, some people like to pop the bubbles from bubble wraps. I used this idea to make my jewelry projects to represent how people act while they suffer from stress and how they release pressure. Based on this idea, you can see the shapes or forms of my works have various possibilities, some of them are simple but others are complicated assemblies. People have various ways to handle stress. Wearing jewelry shows not only their personality but also their emotion. While they sometimes choose their jewelry pieces based on beauty they also choose them based on their emotions.

I transformed two-dimensional flat sheets of bubble wrap into three-dimensional forms by stretching and folding them. I also experimented with various materials including plastic, resin, metal, and wood. Most of my works are brooches, rings, and necklaces.


Contemporary, Jewelry, Metal art, Pressure, Stretching


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