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Summer 2017

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Laurel Farrin

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John Dilg

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Susan C. White

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Sue Hettmansperger


As people living in 2017, what, if anything, have we come to know about art as a whole? What can we say about the artistic impulse? What is art for, and what does it stand to show us about ourselves today? In this paper, I try to address these questions, from the standpoint of both an artist and a human being. Examining art as ancient as the prehistoric cave paintings, as well as art of the present day, I discuss certain ontological traits that art-making has both lost and maintained over the years. Through Heidegger’s philosophy of Being, Tillich’s theology of New Being, and Stephen King’s depictions of the uncanny, I explore the idea that all creative acts ultimately point us back to our own mortality and finitude.


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Includes bibliographical references (page 19).


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