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Spring 2010

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Barbuzza, Isabel

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Anzelc, Benjamin


I do not know what inspires me to use geometric shapes in my artwork. It may have started when I took my first jewelry and metalworking class in college. For one assignment, I had to find an artist and make an artwork that was inspired by his artworks. I choose is Sol Lewitt because I simply liked his opened cubes.

Since I started studying in Jewelry and Metalwork and Sculpture at the University of Iowa, I my artworks are still based on geometric shapes. I enjoy them because they are shapes that I see around me everyday; such as textbooks, chairs, doors etc.

In my thesis, I will explain my artworks and the techniques that I used, why I made them, what inspired me.

My first semester, I just made containers which were based on geometric shapes. After that my ideas and concepts evolved to a simple object based on geometric shapes with no function. A simple geometric object without a function is better for exploring beautiful geometric.

Firstly, I find a subject that I can use my ideas and concepts on. It can be something that I see everyday such as myself, faucet, jewelry etc. Sometimes, I find an interesting thing in textbooks, magazines and catalogs. Other times, I find them when I buy materials for my artworks; just shopping at the hardware.

There are many things around me that I could use to create my artworks. I just choose some of them to make art and finish assignments.


Geometric shapes


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