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Spring 2018

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PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Teaching and Learning

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Woods-Groves, Suzanne

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Bruhn, Allison Leigh

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Datchuk, Shawn

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Hua, Youjia

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Ehly, Stewart W


This study examined the effects of the Self-Advocacy Strategy delivered via the CD (i.e., SACD) on self-advocacy skills of fifteen middle school students with mild and moderate disabilities. A pre-/and posttest experimental design with random assignment to treatment or wait-list control groups was employed to investigate changes in student participation and level of self-determination post-intervention. The SACD instruction addressed essential self-advocacy skills, including knowledge of self and communication. Results showed significant differences in favor of the treatment group when compared with the wait-list control group concerning student participation, as measured by student responses to a set of 10 IEP related questions. In addition, generalization data indicated positive results for student participation, as measured by student use of SHARE behaviors, for the majority of students in the treatment group in informal educational meetings with their special educators. The results provide additional support for the use of SACD to teach self-advocacy and active student participation in the IEP process to middle school students with disabilities.


IEPs, instruction in IEP participation, middle school students with disabilities, self-advocacy, self-advocacy instruction, self-determination


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