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Spring 2018

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PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Oral Science

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Brogden, Kim A

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Drake, David R

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Elangovan, Satheesh

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Johnson, Georgia K

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Lanzel, Emily Anne

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Salem, Aliasger K


Cytokines, chemokines, and MMPs play a major role in both the inflammatory and tumor microenvironments. However, there has been very little research focused on characterizing the MMP and cytokine responses of co-culture models constructed with cells from the oral cavity to study disease. Cells grown in single-cell cultures do not receive signals from other cells as they do in the natural host environment, and the results from single-cell culture studies are often not representative of the host response. Accordingly, studies involving cell cultures with multiple cell types are needed to better represent the host response and responses seen in clinical situation. Therefore, we have developed multiple 3D transwell co-culture systems to study mechanisms involved in periodontal disease and head and neck cancer. Using a unique 3D transwell co-culture, we are able to eliminate cell-cell physical interactions and focus on the effects of cell signals and cell reactions to these signals caused by the presence other cells in the co-culture. Studying the MMP and immunosuppressive biomarker response in this type of model will provide new insights on the tumor microenvironment created by head and neck cancer cells and the pro-inflammatory environment in periodontal disease.


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