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Spring 2017

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Correia, Monica

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Swanston, Jeremy

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Bork, Robert Odell

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Miller, Daniel


Nowadays, people spend lots of time in digital worlds, such as social media and the internet. Their product purchasing decisions are influenced by this digital world. As a result, when looking around the house, lots of physical products, from utensils to giant furniture are sometimes not the ideal choice for fitting into the space or users’ need. People are usually more fascinated by product appearance. However, after a brief period of time, they may get bored and eventually abandon the product.

Due to the fact mentioned above, I, as a designer, want to explore a different route to design products so that they can be more significant and meaningful to people’s lives. After a lot of research, I found that human experience and ritual can provide very helpful guidance on product development. Based on the research and findings, my lounge chair is designed to prove my design thinking. This paper focuses on the development of the lounge chair from concept sketch to computer modeling to the actual prototype and finishing.


Furniture Design, Lounge Chair, Personal Space, User Experience


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