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Spring 2018

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Miller, Daniel

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Barbuzza, Isabel

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Casto, Andrew

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Conrad, Terry


The aim of my research is to discover, collect and observe new forms of technology, information, energy and resources through my unique access to the multi-verse through gateways linking otherwise isolated universes. I’ve been able to explore the differences between our world and its parallels, as well as the actual process by which these portals are established. My experiences have revealed that these gateways open in response to the death of a person(s) occurring from an object with immense velocity that breaks the plane of an exterior space into an interior space. While the lifespans of the individual ports vary dramatically, current theory maintains that every portal must eventually collapse into itself, and in doing so each produces its own unique residue of a material unknown to this world. Having established the above, my current research is on building machines to test, analyze and use the properties of these unknown materials. Markers of stability and their unique state of energy suggest the residue may be used to manipulate our natural and synthetic environment, but I feel that their uses are beyond the scope of comprehension.


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