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Spring 2018

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Theatre Arts

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Kalina, Paul

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Cameron, John

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Nest, Anne Marie


This thesis paper is about my process as an actor, and how it has evolved during my time here at The University of Iowa. I decided to come to this program to work on many specific things that I had in mind, and during my time here, I learned techniques that I would have never imagined were so beneficial to me as an actor.

I had wonderful training in my Undergraduate degree, and still depend on many of the techniques that I learned there, primarily for my voice, however my training here has helped shape those techniques for better use. My training here has expanded my knowledge of Acting, and has given me tools that I hope never to forget.

My training here has taught me very specific ways about entering the mind and body of a character, but what I find even more fascinating is that this training has forced me to change as an individual, for the better. Not only has my body become stronger from all the work in my Movement classes, but I am a softer, kinder person after these three years, and very grateful as an actor, and as a human being.


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