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Date of Degree

Spring 2018

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Theatre Arts

First Advisor

Kalina, Paul

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Cameron, John

Second Committee Member

Nest, Anne Marie


This thesis essay explores the journey that I have taken as an actor, highlighting the moments that have influenced my process. I will elaborate on specific experiences in the years leading to my matriculation at the University of Iowa, focusing on broader concepts and lessons that have impacted my beliefs.

Through the use of storytelling, I will convey moments and lessons that have resonated with me throughout my time as an academic and professional actor. Furthermore, this essay will provide a broad scope of my beliefs as an artist and actor, while allowing room for the possibility of adaptation and expansion in the future.

Finally, I will articulate my specific process as it stands now. Everything that I do from the day that I am cast to the end of performances will be outlined, and what I intend to work on as I move forward in my acting career.


Acting, Actor, Artist, Process, Theatre


vi, 46 pages


Includes bibliographical references (page 46).


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