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Spring 2018

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Jung, Anita

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Snitzer, James

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Conrad, Terry

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Hettmansperger, Sue

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White, Susan

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Jung, Anita


Years ago, my mother choreographed a dance entitled "Seven Dreams in Color", a seven-act dance wherein each act relayed a memory of her childhood. These memories were colored by her individual experience and often seemed warped to her, as if having been filtered through a dream. I seek to recontextualize these dreams through my own lens as a way of honoring my mother's history and my own memories. Each work functions, through color and composition, as a separate act and embodies a non-linear memory. I utilize painting, drawing and printmaking to harness dichotomous visual elements in order to convey scenes as tumultuous as both the world around me and my own shifting moods. Abrupt changes of atmosphere are of particular interest to me. I portray this shift through the visual disruptions of cropping imagery, color or medium shifts, and scale changes. Graphic schisms take my work to an unpredictable conclusion while confounding the viewer. My work reveals my desperation and need to translate all of the conflict, battles and resolutions that I observe.


Abstraction, Color, Drawing, Fun, Painting, Printmaking


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