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Date of Degree

Spring 2018

Degree Name

MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Theatre Arts

First Advisor

Kalina, Paul

First Committee Member

Cameron, John

Second Committee Member

Nest, Anne Marie


Written to fulfill a partial requirement for a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Acting, this thesis explores Natalie Lurowist’s continued evolution as an actor during her time at the University of Iowa. In the spirit of “the verb,” she attempts first to philosophize about acting by questioning, categorizing, defining truths, and briefly discussing its personal meaning and implications. She then ventures back in time (with a nod to her undergraduate training) to process her process as it has evolved over the course of three years of graduate school. Similar to the students’ M.F.A. plan of study, the elements of process are broken down into the foundational subjects of movement, acting, and voice. In the final section, university productions are examined for their opportunities, challenges, and the corresponding exploration, struggles, and successes in regards to Lurowist’s evolution. Inevitably, the past leads up to the present moment and future outlook in her persistent endeavor to grow.


Acting, Process


v, 41 pages


Includes bibliographical references (page 41).


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