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Spring 2018

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Swanston, Jeremy

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Dicharry, Bradley

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Conrad, Terry

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Gratama, Jan Albert


Machines of Curation is an attempt to confront the ever-growing landscape of technology I observe and live inside of daily. This work is specifically concerned with my interest in how we interact with and alter our surrounding environments through technology. The constant tether we have to our devices is becoming more reminiscent of a parasite and host, rather than of a device and user. It informs how we are to look at things, speak with those we love, pay for things, and receive news; just to name a few. I seek to co-opt these methods to urge the viewer to ask their own questions and make their own decisions on how they feel technology is shaping them in ways they may be unaware of. Graphic design holds a unique vernacular to our digital universe as one of the primary mediums that helps organize and create it. The overall goal of this work is that a consistent irony can be established through the work that helps the viewer experiencing it question their views of technology.


Graphic Design


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