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Spring 2019

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Correia, Monica

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Bryon Winn

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Bork, Robert


Software and technology are just tools that offer services, and it is the users' responsibility to employ these tools to serve a significant purpose. Colors, materials, and forms are also tools, like software, that a designer employs into serving a purpose, communicating a message or into the making of a functional object. As a user, I am always faced with questions of how I am utilizing these tools. How am I pushing the boundaries of what has already been done? And what am I offering to the world? Through the combination of experience with these tools and understanding and practicing design, I come closer to answering these questions. All the tools offered serve no purpose to a designer without the knowledge of how, where and when to resort to them.

In my design practice, I like to challenge widespread but unspoken assumptions about specific shapes, materials, and tools. The first questions I tend to ask myself are: what is expected of me as a designer in terms of functionality? And, how can I utilize the tools and skills to solve the problem and make an object or a space that is well suited for its purpose in an expressive way? As a designer, I aspire to acquire the knowledge and skills of all aspects of design in terms of functionality, visual interest and tools used, so as to produce designs that provide my customers an unexpected and dynamic experience around the objects and spaces I create.

Since I started my studies in graduate school, I was faced with many projects and opportunities to explore and develop my style and my philosophy towards design. I believe that each project I worked on pushed me a step closer towards discovering myself, my style and what I want to achieve from being a designer. Here I am sharing a detailed account of some projects that helped my development and most relate to my thought process so far.


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