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Spring 2019

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Rozencohn, Ronald

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Rozencohn, Ronald

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Johnson, Dorothy

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Miller, Daniel

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White, Susan

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Yuen, Kee-Ho


I was watching the tele the other night and a commercial came on exclaiming that scientists have found a way to translate waveforms into text to help the deaf. I realized at that moment; I am as much a scientist as I am an artist. In this regard, composition is deemed a scientific recipe. Ingredients such as conveying the rhythm of linguistic discoveries to further guide fragmented responses of memories. Analyzing frequencies emerging upon application of colors adjacent as well as finding the visual balance that coheres with a particular tempo as relating to sound and vibration to exploit the untold conversations between traditional means and contemporary constructions. There’s a sync button for everything we do, finding that button is the test. I do not confine myself as a scientist, tomorrow I may think I’m a surgeon. But only after I’ve exhausted every theory for my actions, after I’ve become synchronized within the realm of my creations, will I then be able to determine why I’ve governed myself to evolve with what it is that I am becoming.


Alex Jesko, Art History, MFA, Painting, Sculpture, Thesis


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