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Spring 2019

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MA (Master of Arts)

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Winet, Jon

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Dedeaux-Norris, TJ

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Barbuzza, Isabel


As a first-generation Georgian to be born the year after Soviet Union collapsed, I carry the weight of the uncertainty and the shared memory of the years before my birth that is engraved in the minds of the people around me. Through the years of chaos that had to come later, I always thought that me and my country grew up and matured together, as the peers of same age. Transition from a strictly Atheistic society into predominantly fundamental Orthodox Christian nation has been the process that I witnessed while growing up. Being raised by an Orthodox iconographer father, working on frescoes and icons have left the permanent mark on my identity as an artist.

My work, through the range of media, deals with this clash of radical ideologies, while drawing from Orthodox iconography and compositions, I transport the images into a neutral, sterile state where they are re-examined and re-evaluated. Even though my work deals with social issues in Georgia, I see most of it as an autobiographical narrative that addresses the local space that I come from.


Contemporary Art, Gender, Installation, New Media, Orthodox Christianity, Painting


iv, 11 pages


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