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Summer 2010

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MA (Master of Arts)

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International Studies

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Vicki Hesli

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Gregory Hamot

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Kevin Leicht


This paper examines human trafficking operations in the Russian Federation as well as the efforts of the Russian government, non-governmental organizations, and the International Organization for Migration to prevent trafficking, prosecute traffickers, and provide assistance to survivors of trafficking. Russia has made considerable efforts in the past nineteen years to become a key economic player on the global stage. However, government corruption and an economy propped up by corporations entangled in the buying, selling, and exploitaiton of human beings undermines the pursuit of Great Power status. Field research conducted in Moscow in 2009 revealed that government efforts to combat human trafficking in Russia currently fall short thereby perpetuating a cycle of human trafficking, corruption, organized crime, and poverty.


Human Trafficking, Russia


iv, 65 pages


Includes bibliographical references (pages 63-65).


Copyright 2010 Jennifer Ann Hartl