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Spring 2019

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PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Teaching and Learning

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Datchuk, Shawn M

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Aloe, Ariel M

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Bruhn, Allison L

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Reed, Deborah K

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Welch, Catherine J


Written expression can be a critical skill for academic, vocational, and social pursuits. Unfortunately, research suggests that students with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) struggle to develop writing skills. Paragraph text-writing is a component of written expression and refers to constructing multiple sentences about a singular topic with appropriate capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. The present study investigated the effects of a multicomponent intervention of explicit instruction and timed practice on the paragraph text-writing skills of four secondary student with IDD. The study included four dependent measures (paragraph text-writing rubric, total words written, and correct and incorrect writing sequences) and used a multiple-probe across participants design. Visual analysis and effect sizes revealed modest results. Three participants showed improvement on at least one of the dependent measures; one participant showed no improvement at all. The practical implications of this study are discussed within the context of existing writing literature, and the limitations are presented.


autism spectrum disorder, explicit instruction, intellectual disability, text writing, writing fluency


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Includes bibliographical references (pages 75-90).


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