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The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is a benefit available to Medicare beneficiaries. This benefit has the potential to address many areas of prevention in one focused visit to the primary care clinic, yet it is currently being provided to only 19% of Medicare beneficiaries. This research attempted to examine the extent to which certified health education specialists (CHES) have provided and perceive themselves to be prepared to provide the preventive health services (PHS) within the AWV, along with seven additional preventive counseling services (PCS).

A web-based survey assessed the perceived preparedness of health educators, specifically CHES (N=998), to deliver these PHS. The results of these surveys include the development of a single factor internally consistent scale to measure perceived preparedness for the PHS within the AWV. They reveal health educators were least prepared to assist with end-of-life-planning and conduct a basic hearing test. No association was found for education level and perceived preparedness; however, prior experience did account for a significant amount of the variance in perceived preparedness to provide AWV services. Lastly, when compared to historical data regarding physician’s perceived preparedness to provide PCS, health educators were more prepared to counsel on diet and exercise and less prepared to counsel on six other PCS. These results may aid in the understanding of whether CHES perceive they are prepared to provide (PHS) and demonstrate the experience CHES have with each of these PHS.


Annual wellness visit, Certified Health Education Specialist, Health Educator, Medicare, perceived preparedness, preventive health


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