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Summer 2019

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MS (Master of Science)

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Health and Sport Studies

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Carr, Lucas

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Kara Whitaker

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Young, Rachel


The purpose of this study was to explore awareness and opinions about sugar-sweetened beverage policy—specifically pouring rights contracts—on a university campus. Participants were 915 students, staff, and faculty currently studying or under employment at the University of Iowa. Participants completed an online survey. Nearly two-thirds (64.2%) of participants reported not being aware of pouring rights prior to completing the survey. Over one-third (38.0%) of participants reported they agreed with universities engaging in pouring rights contracts, while 30.9% of participants neither agreed or disagreed, and 31.0% disagreed with universities engaging in pouring rights contracts. Respondents who identified as male, undergraduate students, and those who agreed that individuals are responsible for their own sugar-sweetened beverage consumption were more likely to support engaging in pouring rights contracts. Understanding awareness, support, and determinants of support for pouring rights contracts is important for those involved in establishing policies targeting sugar-sweetened beverage availability on college campuses.


Obesity, Pouring rights, Sugar-sweetened beverage, University


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