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Fall 2010

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PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Bragg spaced quantum wells represent a unique class of resonant photonic materials, wherein a photonic bandgap is created by the periodic spacing of quantum wells and the associated variation in the complex susceptibility (index and absorption) of the material. Interest in BSQWs has grown in the past decade due to their large ultrafast nonlinearities and the corresponding large ultrafast reflectivity changes and transmissivity. These nonlinearities are of particular interest in areas of communication technology, where ultrafast all-optical logic components have become increasingly in demand. This research will further investigate BSQWs and the for the first time effects of spin-dependent nonlinear excitation on their photonic band structures. It will also investigate how these effects can be used in all-optical polarization switching and tunable optical buffer (slow light) applications.


all-optical switch, nonlinear optics, photonic, quantum wells, slow light


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