Dr Who?



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Spring 2011

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Farrin, Laurel

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Dilg, John

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Kanouse, Sarah

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Hettmansperger, Sue

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Dunlap, David


Dr... who?

I use common materials to make fantastic scenes/objects that are from another time and place. The work is transparent, both in how the construction is gone about and in the general likeness of the forms to the insides of machines. I hope this transparency hides something all the more mysterious because it is plainly shown. Absurd and nonsensical, the substance of my work arises from the convergence of things, elements and attributes, which seem incompatible; these separate elements combine into a mutant.

If you ever played computer games in the 80s then you might recognize a similarity with my work in the hieroglyph like forms that these digital worlds are comprised of. Forms like the arrangement of colorful toy blocks stacked up against a wall in shallow relief; multi-tiered like the cross section of a building, elevators, fire escapes, plumbing and all. This blockiness is symptomatic of my low-tech aspiring to be hi-tech aesthetic.

Failed utopias and painting centric worlds of the 20th century I hope to tap into to enrich the creation of my own alternate universe. I am interested in the flatness of abstract paintings; I always felt they were opining up something out of the every day world, another dimension with its own physics rebuilt from the bottom up. Strange fantastical realms are my passion. Maybe, I seek to know my own strangeness. Being in the world plainly, I stare into my naval and behold...why its... Dr... Who!??


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