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Theses/Dissertations from 1920

Hines, Harlan Cameron (1920), Public school publicity in the United States

Holt, Andrew Hall (1920), Tests on calcined gypsum as a structural material

Howard, Lloyd G. (1920), The importance of early mastoid operation in infancy


Hsu, Henry (1920), War services of American banks

Khorozian, Krikor Girgi (1920), Pentosuria and utilization of Xylose in animal body

Kiang, Wallace (1920), Present school system in China

Kies, Harry De Witt (1920), A survey of the Albia schools


Kim, Ryea Sik (1920), The political problem of Korea

Kittrell, Charles Anan (1920), A high school survey, Devils Lake, N. Dak

Koerth, Wilhelmine (1920), A measure of capacity for acquiring skill in coordination of eye and hand

Lindsay, Ernest Earl (1920), State public school finance ; a study of permanent school funds, direct appropriation, and state tax


Mahan, Bruce E. (1920), Old Fort Crawford, 1816-1856

McConkie, Willis Leslie (1920), The post-operative treatment following mastoid operations

McGlade, John Calhoun (1920), Tendencies of state normal schools to equalize opportunities of students


Moffett, Harold Young (1920), Elizabethan tragedies based on contemporary murders


Oliver, Lola M. (1920), Vergil's use of the deus ex machina in the Aeneid

Olson, Herbert Rudolph (1920), Hemorrhage as a factor in operations of the nose and throat

Ostergaard, Hjalmar (1920), Vocational guidance methods for the public schools

Prosser, Mame Rose (1920), The limits of measures of general mental ability in the prognosis of progress in certain elementary school subjects

Ritter, E. L. (1920), A building program for the schools of Des Moines, Iowa

Robinson, Benjamin W. (1920), Measurement of natural capacity and aptitude for stenography and typewriting


Roth, Hazel M. (1920), Johnson's theory of poetry as expressed in his Lives of the English poets

Ruble, Chloris Shade (1920), The British occupation of Egypt (1876-1883) : the principal steps leading toward the occupation


Schoewe, Walter Henry (1920), Origin and history of extinct Lake Calvin

Smith, J. Frank (1920), A list of 201 spelling demons

Taylor, Beryl Bernice (1920), The development of the foliage leaves of Vitis vulpina L. and Catalpa bignonoides Walt

Taylor, Margaret Lincoln (1920), The resistance of streptococci to germicidal agents

Tow, Lillian (1920), Norms and technique of basic motor tests as applied to children on entering school

Van Wagenen, Gertrude (1920), The coral Mussa fragilis and its development

Wait, G. R. (1920), The Hall effect and the specific resistance in silver films

Walker, Ernest Timothy (1920), Unionization of teachers


Walsh, Floyd E. (1920), Interest charged to cost in accounting

Wehman, H. J. (1920), Some West Indian foraminifera

Theses/Dissertations from 1919

Alderman, Grover Henry (1919), What an Iowa layman should know about courts and law

Ashbaugh, Ernest James (1919), The Iowa spelling scales; their derivation, use and limitations

Avery, Elroy James (1919), A report of a series of cases of acute otitis media, with their complications as observed at S.U.I. hospital during the recent influenza epidemic

Boyd, Julian Deigh (1919), Concerning urobilin and urobilinogen

Boyer, Albert Lynn (1919), Survey of the schools of Atlantic

Burns, Catherine A. (1919), The child in the pre-Victorian novel


Campbell, Bertha Belle (1919), Kipling's women


Cannon, Miriam B. (1919), The English problem in the junior high school

Condit, Margaret (1919), The effect of familiarity of subject matter upon speed and comprehension in silent reading


Crowell, Joyce Homer (1919), A study of paradichlorobenzene


Diamonon, Victoriano D. (1919), A study of the Philippine government during the Spanish regime

Felter, Mary Juanita (1919), Keats's discussion of poetry

Gaw, Esther Allen (1919), A survey of musical talent in a music school

Greene, Harry Andrew (1919), Tests for the measurement of linguistic organization in sentences


Gunderson, Naomi Helen (1919), The diction of Sallust


Himes, Catherine A. (1919), Chaucer's description of persons

Hovde, Brynjolf Jakob (1919), The diplomatic relations of the United States with Sweden and Norway from 1814 to 1905

Howard, Robert Lowe (1919), The effect of ring substituents upon the formation and decomposition of phenolic ethers


Knight, Rachel (1919), The truth values of the mysticism of George Fox ; a study in the sources of religious insight

Latham, Orval Ray (1919), A survey of a small city school system


Liang, Yeng-Tsung (1919), Monetary reform in China


Lindsey, Arthur Ward (1919), The Hesperioidea of America north of Mexico : a generic revision and synopsis of the species


McBride, Sara (1919), Setting in the novels of William Dean Howells


McGhee, Mildred Mae (1919), The acting of Ada Rehan (Ada Crehan 1860-1916) : a study based on contemporary opinion

McGuire, Margaret Caroline (1919), The effect of frequency upon the variation in angular displacement of the sound image with the intensity ratio at the two ears

Mounts, Lewis Hendrix (1919), Dependents, defectives and delinquents in Iowa; a study of the sources of social infection

Opstad, Ivar Albert (1919), An examination of spelling errors

Pearson, George John (1919), The static labyrinth and its clinical application

Peterson, Robert Alexander (1919), The cerebro spinal fluid in otitic cases with case reports

Ream, Merrill Jay (1919), A measurement of motility ; the tapping test

Risser, Edward Daniel (1919), The diagnostic value of the nasopharyngoscope

Russell, Ralph Emerson (1919), Sinus disease in infants and young children

Shumway, Vivian (1919), The differentiation of morphological types of diphtheria bacilli and determination of their virulence

Simpson, Margery Adams (1919), Apparent localization of pure tones as a function of binaural phase difference


Stinchfield, Sara M. (1919), Corrective speech with a study of two type cases

Stoner, Dayton (1919), The Scutelleroidea of Iowa

Sward, George Gilbert (1919), The electromotive forces and free energy of dilution of aqueous solutions of hydrogen iodide

Taft, Robert (1919), Steric relations in the acetylation of aromatic amines

Tiss, Arthur Isaac (1919), Relative efficiency of standard and intelligence tests

Williams, Helen Jackson (1919), Determination of premiums and reserves for insurance against total and permanent disability with tabular values of certain auxiliary functions

Theses/Dissertations from 1918


Barton, Mabel V. (1918), Woman labor in Iowa

Bassett, Basil Blaine (1918), The civic instruction of the American electorate ; being a study of political problems in the United States through an analysis of party platforms


Boyce, Myrna M. (1918), The diplomatic relations of England with the Quadruple Alliance


Cools, Gabriel Victor (1918), The Negro in typical communities of Iowa

Cooper, Edna Hermina (1918), A comparative study of the deities in Vergil and Ovid

De Graff, Harmon O. (1918), The sociological aspects of the primitive dance ; (with) bibliography

Dodd, Laurence Ellsworth (1918), The variation of the vapor pressure of selenium with temperature, and certain thermo-dynamical considerations

Earhart, Anna Maud (1918), The background of nature description in Chaucer

Edblom, Ruth Scoles (1918), Social ideas in the plays of John Galsworthy

Felter, Allan Gordon (1918), An embryological interpretation of the position of the adult mammalian heart

Fullbrook, Earl S. (1918), Relief of soldiers in Iowa during the Civil War

Gallaher, Ruth A. (1918), The history of the legal and political status of women in Iowa

German, Charles E. (1918), The legislative competency of the provinces of Canada as observed in the decisions of the Surpreme Court of Canada and the judicial committee of the Privy Council of Great Britain

Griffith, George M (1918), The design and estimate of cost of the Amana Road Project

Grimes, Gertrude (1918), Accounting problems pertaining to rate regulation of street railways

Halverson, Henry Magnus (1918), Certain aspects of wave-phase in the localization of sound

Henderson, Robert Wesley (1918), The adult lymphatic system of the striped ground squirrel (Spermophilus tridecem-lineatus) : a study

Ho, Hi Nam (1918), A study of the evaporating system of the Audubon Park Sugar Experimental Station

Howarth, Jane (1918), A study of individual variation in language ability in a fifth grade of forty children

Humbert, E. Gail (1918), The English social conditions as affecting the liberal movement of 1832

Ingvaldsen, Thorsten (1918), Concerning the chemistry of carnosine and creatine

Jaquis, John E and Hohl, Herbert E (1918), Heat analysis of an automobile engine

Kenworthy, Bruce R (1918), An investigation of continuous beams

Kinnavey, Mary M. (1918), Antoine Le Claire and the beginnings of Davenport

Lorens, Paul W (1918), The design of a riveted railway bridge

McDowell, Floyd Marion (1918), The junior college ; a study of its origin, development and status in the United States

Meyer, Jacob W. (1918), Agriculture and related nature study


Naether, Hans (1918), The pantheism of Goethe in its relation to that of Spinoza

Nesbitt, Orval L (1918), Design of a deck plate girder with wooden floor : length 100 feet c. to c. of bearings, width 10 feet c. to. c of web plates [designed in accordance with] American Railway Engineering Association, 1910

Nichols, Wayne C (1918), Design of a thru pin connected parallel chord Pratt truss

Overn, Oswald B. (1918), An extension of the number of lines in the tungsten x-ray spectrum


Parks, Inez V. (1918), The mediaevalism of William Morris

Paull, Mabel Ada (1918), Individual differences in oral and visual learning with suggestions on the practical significance of image types

Pollock, Ivan L. (1918), History of economic legislation in Iowa

Siegling, Elmer W and Konvalinka, Frank J (1918), The design and construction of a draw-bar horse power indicator

Smith, Howard Max (1918), Design of a riveted highway bridge : length 100' c to c bearings, width 20' c to c trusses, height 20'

Smith, Leon Osmer (1918), High school libraries ; their development, organization and administration, with particular reference to South Dakota

Smith, Madorah Elizabeth (1918), A course of study in geography for Chinese schools

Stanton, Hazel Martha (1918), Measurement of the discrimination of sound intensity


Swisher, J. A. (1918), A study of the historical material used in discussing modern civic problems

Talbot, Sara Amelia (1918), The diction of Eutropius


Upham, Cyril Brice (1918), The speaker of the House of Representatives of Iowa

Vasey, Frank Thomas (1918), Determining the vocabulary of public school children

Volkmer, Albert W. (1918), The specific conductivity of selenium crystals under various conditions

Weber, William A (1918), A comparison of the carbon arc and incandescent lamp for motion picture projection

White, Charles E (1918), Time occurrence of the maximum demand of residence load

Wilcox, George Milo (1918), The formulation of a method of computing cost of instruction and its application to certain high schools of South Dakota and to the high schools of Des Moines

Yetter, Floyd S. (1918), A mathematical discussion of Van der Waals' equation

Theses/Dissertations from 1917

Agnew, Marie Margaret (1917), Tonal imagery in musical talent

Andersen, William Niclaus (1917), The determination of a spelling vocabulary based upon written correspondence

Arent, Leonora (1917), A study of municipal corruption in public utilities

Atkinson, George A. (1917), Reconstruction of the Rio Grande Railway

Bell, Charles B. (1917), The government of the city of Grinnell, Iowa


Berry, Eugene Manasseh (1917), Variation of angular displacement in binaural localization with relative intensity

Boot, David Herbert (1917), The comparative ecology of a forest and prairie tract in Lyon County, Iowa

Boyce, Myrna M. (1917), The diplomatic relations of England with regard to the Quadruple Alliance

Broderick, Clara (1917), Nature in the novels of Thomas Hardy

Brueckner, Herman (1917), The sublimation of fear in religion

Brumfiel, Daniel Milton (1917), The animal ecology of Johnson County : a preliminary survey of the animal habitats of Johnson County, Iowa, with an atlas

Bunch, Cordia C. (1917), Some aspects of intensity influence on sound localization

Cable, Emmett James (1917), Some phases of the pleistocene of Iowa

Cassutt, Thomas T. (1917), Design of an illumination system for a small house

Chang, Tso-Shuen (1917), History and analysis of the commission plan and the city manager plan of municipal government in the United States

Chapin, Gertrude Esther (1917), Nature in Storm's poetry

Chesebro, J. Kelsey (1917), The effect of illumination on the speed and efficiency of workmen

Christoferson, Eli Christopher (1917), The foreign policy of William H. Seward

Cook, Coleman H. (1917), Levee and seawall for Burlington, Iowa

Cook, Florence E. (1917), Joseph Chamberlain and the beginnings of English imperialism

Dershem, Elmer (1917), Wave lengths of the tungsten X-ray spectrum


Dewey, Arthur Howard (1917), Pleistocene history of Lee county, Iowa


Dodson, R. B. (1917), The effect of hydrogen-sulphide on the unilateral conductivity of zincite-copper contacts

Doffing, Anna (1917), Hauptperioden in Goethes Stellung zur Englischen Literatur

Dondore, Dorothy Anne (1917), Morris' interpretation of primitive Germania

Dunn, Wie T. (1917), A comparative study of the administrative courts in France and Germany

Erickson, Carl Immanuel (1917), Discrimination of intensity of sound

Frederick, John Towner (1917), The relation of William Morris to the pre-Raphaelite movement


Gilchrist, Myrl C. (1917), Regenerative braking on the Cedar Rapids-Iowa City interurban

Greene, Harry Andrew (1917), The status of the sciences in North Central high schools

Hansen, Marcus L. (1917), Fort Snelling and the development of the Northwest

Helming, Harry and Owen, William (1917), The water rate of a bleeder turbine

Hines, Harlan Cameron (1917), Duties, powers, and preparation of the town and city high-school principals of Iowa, together with salaries and tenure and other items of interest


Hines, Harry Matlock (1917), Concerning the origin of creatine

Hoffman, Himena V. (1917), The early development of the American theory of neutrality (from the Proclamation of April 22, 1793 to the Foreign Enlistment Act of June 5, 1794)

Homan, Thomas Benjamin (1917), The correlations of abilities in immediate and deferred memory for prose passages with other measures of intelligence

Huffman, Roy S. (1917), Design of a reinforced concrete standpipe

Imhoff, E. A. (1917), Characteristics of a synchronous motor


Job, Thesle Theodore (1917), Lymphatico-venous communications in the common rat and their significance

Jones, Roma Luella (1917), The influence of the Quaker in social reform : a study covering the first fifty years of the Quaker movement - 1650-1700

Joy, Florence Livingston (1917), Folk-magic in the English and Scottish ballads

Kluso, Harry J. (1917), Four dimensional angle

Knock, Carl John (1917), A study of some of the elements involved in the acquisition of accuracy of pitch in singing

Krappe, Alexander Haggerty (1917), Methods for determining the chronology of the Chansons de geste

Kuhlmann, Hans H. (1917), The design of a three phase revolving field type alternator

Lindsey, Arthur Ward (1917), The butterflies of Iowa

McClenahan, Bessie Averne (1917), The administration of poor relief in Iowa

McCrory, James Leonard (1917), Mental tests of university freshmen with certain correlations


McMahon, A. Merritt (1917), The action of Rëntgen and gamma radiations upon the electrial conductivity of selenium crystals

Minard, Ralph Day (1917), Administrative problems connected with consolided schools of Iowa

Mortimer, Franklin Spencer (1917), The electromotive force and free energy of dilution of lithium chloride in aqueous and alcoholic solutions

Moses, John V. (1917), The rating of electric motors for intermittent operation

Pfiffner, John M. (1917), The government of the Argentine Republic

Richards, C. C. (1917), Preliminary design of a proposed drainage district in Osceola County, Iowa

Ritter, E. L. (1917), Rating of teachers in Indiana

Saxton, Harold P. (1917), Comparison of individual house lighting plants


Schriever, William (1917), The variation of the rigidity of drawn tungsten with the temperature

Sergel, Roger (1917), Nature in the writings of George Meredith

Skarstedt, Marcus (1917), Classification & nomenclature of geometric magnitudes

Smid, M. V. (1917), A comparison of the illumination of school rooms

Smith, Francis Wager (1917), The establishment and early history of Fort Laramie, Wyoming

Stahl, Gail (1917), Lord Durham and his work for Canada


Thompson, Merle Raymond (1917), Trust dissolution

Thornton, Norbert R. (1917), Deck plate girder with concrete slab floor


Tisdale, Wilbur Earle (1917), The physical conditions determining the electrical properties exhibited by selenium crystals of the hexagonal system

Turner, Ralph E. (1917), Political phases of English nationality during the Tudor period


Wait, G. R. (1917), The Hall effect in silver films

Walter, Otto (1917), Modifications of respiratory structures involved in the transition from aquatic to terrestrial Crustacea

Wilcox, Myron Jefferson (1917), The use of a rule in teaching spelling

Wolin, Bertha J. (1917), Description in the writings of Dorothy Wordsworth

Yoakam, Gerald Alan (1917), A course of study in English literature for the elementary schools. A study in printed syllabi, school reading books, and recommendations of writers of text books with a composite course made by the writer

Theses/Dissertations from 1916


Andersen, William Niclaus (1916), The selection of public school teachers and their improvement in service


Arrington, Olen Ray (1916), The attitude of boys toward their high school work

Bashe, Edwin Joseph (1916), The morphology of the noun and verb in the poem, "Der hürnen Seyfrid"

Biller, Christine (1916), The one act play in English

Bose, Sudhindra (1916), Some aspects of British rule in India

Brainerd, Eloise Kinzer (1916), Stevenson's literary method


Brinegar, George Henry (1916), A study of teachers' examination questions

Burns, Margaret Mary (1916), Wordsworth's sonnets


Chase, Sumner Bereman (1916), Tuberculosis of the larynx

Damerow, Harry W. (1916), A design for the improvement of the north end of Clinton Street, Iowa City


Dieterich, Ernest Otto (1916), The pressure effect in selenium crystals and its relation to the light effect


Earle, Robert E. (1916), Effect of shape of radiotelegraph antenna upon its capacity

Earley, John (1916), An investigation of sewage purification

Egenberger, Anton Henry (1916), The illumination of a rifle range


Fortsch, Arthur Roy (1916), The thermal conductivity of tellurium

Franks, C. D. (1916), The design of a school house

Fries, George and Puckett, Ernest (1916), Design for a sewage system and disposal plant for the City of Marengo, Iowa


Fritschel, Walter M. (1916), The social psychology of volition

Gittins, Thomas Roy (1916), The etiology of chorio-retinitis

Greer, Clinton M. (1916), A railroad reservoir

Gregg, John B. (1916), Ocular tuberculosis


Gregg, John B.; Chase, Sumner B.; and Gittins, Thomas R. (1916), The variations of the accesory sinuses of the nose

Hanapel, Herbert A. (1916), A study of the flow of the Iowa River

Hands, Harold Edward (1916), Some relations of the effect of overheating to certain physical and chemical properties of asphalts

Hands, Stanley M. and Cheesebro, Harry G. (1916), An investigation to determine the effect on the dimensions of a concrete slab (A) due to immersion, (B) due to setting

Hansen, Clarence F. (1916), A psychological study of indian conversations

Hartmann, H. W. (1916), Design of a drainage system for an Iowa district of about 1700 acres

Heil, Fred G. and Willey, Marney B. (1916), An investigation of the practicability of the chemical method of measuring quantities of water


Helmick, Paul Streeper (1916), The variation in the blackening of a photographic plate with time of exposure, total energy remaining constant


Hoersch, Victor August (1916), Sound waves of finite amplitude


Horsfall, John Louis (1916), The Jassoidea of eastern Iowa

Housh, Early Taylor (1916), A critical analysis of ten second year readers

Huong, Dieu Ung (1916), Detail design of double deck railway & highway bridge : 12--200 ft. Pratt trusses : double track railway on upper deck, highway and sidewalk on lower deck : over Minn River at Foochow, China


Ingvaldsen, Thorsten (1916), Determination and origin of creatine

Jackson, V. M. (1916), The design of a track elevation bridge over Iowa Avenue on the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway

Kalen, Max (1916), Pressure-power relations in automobile tires

Kyle, Joanna (1916), The foreign policy of Gladstone

Lear, Vernon H. (1916), Design of sanitary sewer system for Wilton, Iowa

Lund, Arthur (1916), Bank advertising

Luteyn, Peter (1916), Analogies between algebraic equations and linear differential equations

Magdsick, Frederick W. (1916), Electric service rates: the effect of diversity factor on the cost of electrical service

Matson, H. W. (1916), Study of a sem-indirect lighting fixture

McGranahan, Floyd (1916), Elements of detraction in Tacitus

McNally, Philip Thomas (1916), Correlation of degree of maturity with standings in certain mental tests and school grades

Mead, P. E. (1916), The effect of power factor on the operation of the Tirrill Regulator

Miller, William Samuel (1916), A critical analysis of the vocabularies of ten third year readers


Momyer, Clementina Sinclair (1916), Observations in protozoology, with additions to the list of forms known to occur in Iowa and descriptions of some probable new species

Mounts, Lewis Hendrix (1916), A study of the sources of social infection in Iowa


Mudge, Evlyn Leigh (1916), Sense-feeling complexes conditioning the God-experience

Nelson, Ray D. (1916), Milton's doctrine of regicide


Oehler, Arnold John (1916), Certain elastic properties of phosphor-bronze wires

Patton, LeRoy Thompson (1916), Geology of the Beaver River valley between Beaver Falls and Wampum, Pennsylvania

Reuter, Bertha Ann (1916), The English woman of the fifteenth century

Robeson, George F. (1916), Special municipal charters in Iowa, 1836-1858

Rogers, Walter E. (1916), Morphology of Melilotus alba Desr


Rohret, Marguerite B. (1916), Morphology of Blasia pusilla

Rowe, Virgil E. and Corcoran, Harry J. (1916), The design and estimate of cost of an electrically operated railway spur between North Liberty and the State Quarries

Schlomovitz, Benjamin Herman (1916), The relation of the sino-auricular junction to the chronotropic influence of the inhibitory cardiac nerve (turtle)

Shipton, Washburne D. (1916), Geology of the Sparta quadrangle, Wisconsin

Short, Ray LeRoy (1916), A social study of the motion picture


Skinner, Charles Henry (1916), Optical constants of an isolated hexa-gonal crystal of silenium

Swanson, Jesse J. (1916), Design of a sanitary sewer system at Whittemore, Iowa

Upham, Cyril B. (1916), Some aspects of the legislature in Iowa

Volkmer, Albert W. (1916), The effect of secondary reactance on the speed of an induction motor

Wahlgren, Frank A. and Johnson, Victor (1916), Heat relations in an ammonia-compression refrigeration plant

Williams, Nesta Lloyd (1916), The measurement of individual difference in the perception of auditory rhythm

Workman, W. R. (1916), Sanitary sewerage system for Keota, Keokuk County, Iowa

Yetter, Floyd S. (1916), The design of a sanitary sewer system for the town of West Branch, Iowa

Zeug, Lloyd Walter (1916), A comparison of the various methods of supplying power to motion picture lanterns

Theses/Dissertations from 1915


Albright, George Carter (1915), Physiology of color blindness with special reference to a case of deuteranopia


Albright, George Carter (1915), Tuberculosis of the larynx

Anderson, Edward X. (1915), The electrical conductivity of certain salts in pyridine


Anderson, Homer W. (1915), The status of vocational subjects in the high schools of the North Central Association

Anthes, G. P. (1915), The flow of oil through orifices

Babcock, Minnie Porter (1915), La maison d'argile


Barker, Ada McLean (1915), The fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the predictions in the federal convention of 1787

Bond, Perry A. (1915), Some derivatives of the 4-nitro-5-methyl-2-sulphobenzoic acid

Briggs, John E. (1915), History of social legislation in Iowa


Brueckner, Leo J. (1915), Algebraic abilities of 9-A pupils

Bryant, M. H. (1915), Design of a concrete flume


Carlson, Avery Luvere (1915), A social and economic survey of a rural township

Chang, Tso-Shuen (1915), The home rule charter system of American municipal government

Connor, T. L. (1915), Design of a private branch exchange telephone system for the State University of Iowa

Cotten, Ruth Helena (1915), The migration of birds


Darling, L. E. (1915), Crystal rectifiers and the electron theory


Dershem, Elmer (1915), Roentgen ray analysis of crystal structure with special reference to selenium crystals.l


Dieterich, Kathryn (1915), The effect of temperature on the resistance, the rate of recovery, and the light-sensibility of certain selenium crystals


Doolittle, Jesse W. (1915), The Hall effect in silver films

Durboraw, Raymond H. (1915), The treaty-making power under the Constitution as interpreted by the House of Representatives

Elliott, Seth Earl (1915), The theory of screws

Foster, Harold Sears (1915), Legal aid societies in the United States

Gallaher, Charles W. and White, Lloyd A. (1915), Efficiency test on a boiler

Gold, Hugo Hezekiah (1915), Methods and content of courses in history in the high schools of the United States

Green, S. L. (1915), Characteristics of an automobile generator

Harvey, Fred Edwin (1915), The Roman belief in the efficacy of charms

Henely, Inez Louise (1915), Tenses used with postquam


Hilliard, George Horatio (1915), Status of geography in American elementary schools


Hoover, Alden Robbins (1915), The status of preventative medicine in Turkey with particular reference to the control of epidemics

Hovey, G. G. and Holloway, E. A. (1915), An experimental investigation of inductive effects of high tension transmission lines on telephone circuits


Howell, J. V. (1915), Occurrence and origin of the iron ores of Iron Hill near Waukon Iowa

Huong, Dieu-Ung (1915), A new standard copper amalgam cell

Jaeger, Ray L. (1915), An investigation of the flow and available horse power of the Iowa River at Iowa City, Iowa

Job, Thesle Theodore (1915), A study of the adult anatomy of the lymphatic system in the common rat (Epymus norvegicus)

Kicherer, H. J. and Thompson, C. S. (1915), The design, construction and test of an automobile testing plant for the State University of Iowa

Lake, J. H. (1915), The design of a sewage disposal plant for Missouri Valley, Iowa


Ling, Tsoerun Lee (1915), The powers and duties of the city school superintendent in the United States


Madsen, Iver Nelson (1915), The present status of physiology and hygiene in the elementary grades

Maiden, Sydner Dale (1915), Sclero-corneal trephining in the treatment of chronic simple glaucoma


Marker, John Israel (1915), Precursors of creatine

Masson, Robert Louis (1915), History of federal labor legislation


Maynard, Harold H. (1915), The problem of rural credits in the United States


McEwen, Ewen Murchison (1915), Development of the tooth and alveolus : From serial studies of the heads from human and pig embryos


Melekian, Yervant Elia (1915), Nietzsche and the problem of democracy


Merry, Glenn Newton (1915), The minimum wage


Metzger, Belle Agnes (1915), Lessing's attitude toward the ancient classics

Montgomery, Althea Elizabeth (1915), The ideals of democracy expressed in the writings of Walt Whitman

Moon, Helen (1915), A critical and historical account of Desargues' theorem


Newcomb, Rollo Edward (1915), Standard speed and quality of handwriting in the public schools of Iowa


Ohman, Anna C. (1915), The development of the doctrine of the soul among the Greeks

Phillips, Frank J. and Smith, Arthur A. (1915), A report on the alignment and grades of the Rock Island Railroad at Iowa City, Iowa


Phillips, Frank M. (1915), A comparative study of rates of work in the fundamentals of arithmetic


Smith, Harry Pearse (1915), A comparative study of four-hundred-sixty-six high school graduates


Stanley, Carrie Ellen (1915), The tenth century English renaissance


Stevenson, Russell Alger (1915), Municipal accounting

Strike, C. L. and Fairbanks, S. J. (1915), An investigation of the electric service problem of Fredericksburg, Iowa

Stuckey, Lorin (1915), The Iowa State Federation of Labor


Swanson, Adolph Benjamin (1915), Reconciliation in Hebbel's tragedies


Thompson, Merle Raymond (1915), Trust dissolution proceedings under the Sherman law


Tisdale, Wilbur Earle (1915), Tellurium crystals ; their production and certain electrical properties

Trexel, C. A. (1915), Design of a reinforced concrete arch bridge in Iowa City, Iowa, over Iowa River at Iowa Ave.


Wada, Totaro (1915), The foreign policy of the United States toward Japan from 1832-1901

Wahrer, Frederick Louis (1915), Bacteriology of the frontal sinus

Wahrer, Frederic Louis (1915), A new operation for chronic frontal sinusitis

Wong, Ko Tsung (1915), The reorganization of state government

Theses/Dissertations from 1914


Agnew, Marie Margaret (1914), Ossian in English literature


Athearn, Walter S. (1914), A proposed program for the organization and administration of the educaitonal agencies of a local church

Boer, Benjamin C. and Urick, R. H. (1914), An experimental study of the effect of curvature upon loss of head in open channels

Bowen, Carl T. (1914), A design of boat transfer at the dam, Coralville, Iowa

Bowersox, William E. (1914), The design of an irrigation flume


Briggs, John Ely (1914), Recent social legislation in Iowa

Carmichael, Jacob H. (1914), Operation test on the power station of the Monticello Electric Company at Monticello

Carpenter, G. W. and Schwob, W. E. (1914), An investigation of inductive disturbances in telephone circuits


Carter, Roscoe Harrison (1914), The specific rotation of ethyl tartrate in methyl and ethyl alcohols and in their binary mixtures


Crow, Ira Nelson (1914), The fascias of the pelvis


Cutshall, Elmer Guy (1914), Analysis and comparison of the elements involved in the hearing and the singing of the pitch of a tone


Dieterich, Ernest Otto (1914), The influence of annealing on the characteristics of light-sensitive selenium


Dodd, Laurence Ellsworth (1914), The question of electric conduction in air filled space between neighboring electrodes


Dodge, Homer Levi (1914), The change in the elasticity of a copper wire with current and external heating


Eakins, Mary Eleanor (1914), The medievalism of Carlyle

Eyre, J. Ralph (1914), Regulation of water turbines


Farr, Willard Henry (1914), Electromotive forces and electrode potentials in mixed solvents


Fry, Earl James (1914), Equilibrium in the system, mercuric iodide and anilin

Garms, Levi J. (1914), Design of a ten ton basic open hearth oil burning furnace

Guldner, f. Hugo (1914), Fuel economy in a gas-engine from the standpoint of the mixture


Hancock, Clara Lizzie (1914), Uses of the dative of the possessor in Caesar and Cicero


Hays, Victor Josiah (1914), The development of the adrenal glands of birds

Howell, Lloyd A. (1914), Design of a reinforced concrete head-gate and road crossing for north branch main canal B, Bassano, Alberta

Huston, Ralph Chase (1914), The nitrosulphonic acids of paraxylene

Jones, Louis Thomas (1914), The Quakers of Iowa

Kurtz, Charles Frederick (1914), The glass industry in the United States

Laughlin, Lawrence L. (1914), A social and economic survey of a rural township in southeastern Iowa

Malmberg, Constantine Frithiof (1914), The perception of consonance and dissonance


Martin, Horace F. (1914), Unintentional suggestion in mental therapy

Meadows, Florence Brown (1914), Morphological studies of certain of the urticaceae


Miller, Lewis Benjamin (1914), Some colloidal properties of pleistocene clays

Minassian, Thaddeus Abel (1914), Accessory sinuses of the nose as sources of infection

Mounts, Lewis Hendrix (1914), A survey of social and economic conditions in a rural township

Patton, O. K. (1914), Home rule in Iowa

Preston, Howard Hall (1914), The recent amendment of the national banking system


Price, Nellie Althea (1914), John Quincy Adams' opinions of his contemporaries


Prichard, Orlie Gilbert (1914), A history of the petit jury in Iowa


Reed, Joyce (1914), Morphology of cannabis sativa L

Richards, F. A. (1914), Design and construction of a continuous recording engine indicator attachment


Rourke, Mary (1914), Theory of Mr. Paul Bourget

Sallander, Fred Warner (1914), Neumann's table for labyrinthine operations, with special reference to rule vii

Scanlon, J. Leo (1914), The effect of variation in air gap length on the efficiency of a shunt motor


Schiltz, Mary Elizabeth (1914), The epigram and its use by Hebbel

Seaman, Howard B. and Konvalinka, Glen J. (1914), Dynamometer test of a motorcycle

Sodergren, Philip J. (1914), Psychology of certain principles of newspaper advertising


Stacy, Wright (1914), Studies of the Rotifera of Iowa

Stephenson, E. J. and Snyder, W. R. (1914), Design, specifications and estimate for drainage, District no. 83, Kossuth County, Iowa

Stephenson, Laurence B. and Oxley, Perry E. (1914), Design of a concrete girder bridge over C.R.I. & P. Ry. on East College St.


Stuart, Reece (1914), Voltaire's correspondence with Catherine II


Tan, Kwei (1914), Elemental character of sensory discrimination

Tripp, Leroy Richard (1914), Tonsillitis as a source of systemic infection


Urbany, Antonia Anna (1914), Das Naturgefuhl in Carmen Sylvas Gedichten


Vannoy, Charles Amzi (1914), Studies on the Athena Parthenos of Pheidias

Watanabe, Onoji (1914), Description of an electric interlocking signal system


Willett, George Walter (1914), A study of the relation of school standing to the social activities and amusements of the boys in an Iowa high school


Williams, Arthur James (1914), Physiographic studies in and around Dubuque, Iowa

Theses/Dissertations from 1913


Alexander, Clive Morris (1913), The action of sulphuryl chloride upon naphthylamines

Anderson, Harold L. (1913), The design of an electric power station for Forest City, Iowa

Ashton, T. J. (1913), Effect of the unbalance of potential on the performace of a two phase induction motor


Bassett, Basil Blaine (1913), State control of the child with special reference to elementary education

Baum, Walter E. (1913), The design of a magneto telephone system for the town of West Liberty, Iowa


Bogan, Ola Louise (1913), Successive appearances of actors in Plautus


Bose, Sudhindra (1913), Some aspects of English administration in India

Bowman, James S. (1913), The design of a monumental entrance to Iowa Field


Boyd, Mark F. (1913), The pathology of human rabies, with a case report


Bruene, Frederick Carl (1913), The role of wave-phase in the intensity theory of the localization of sound


Chaffee, Harold Putnam (1913), A critical study of some of the alleged sources of greatness in man

Clemens, H. and Keller, G. J. (1913), The advisability of a central heating plant for a business block in Iowa City


Coleman, Raymond Clare (1913), Intestinal obstruction

Davis, Harvey A. (1913), Design of a hydro-electric plant for Otranto, Iowa


Dick, Robert Irving (1913), Coal fields of south central Iowa


Dynes, John Joseph (1913), The relation of retardation to elimination in high school students


Edwards, John Harvey (1913), The effect of lamp spacing and power on the legibility of electric signs


Edwards, Lucy Emily (1913), Lessing and the Reimarus manuscript

Eriksson, E. J. (1913), The design of a reinforced-concrete locomotive coaling station for the C.R.I. & P. Ry. at West Liberty, Iowa

Feller, Louis M. (1913), Design of a reinforced concrete mausoleum

Fogelberg, Ernest (1913), An illumination system for the Hotel Jefferson at Iowa City, Iowa


Foster, Edna Adella (1913), The theory of sexual selection


Frazier, Zoe Rae (1913), Ecology of Iowa lichens

Giddings, Levi Alexander (1913), The relation of evaporation to transpiration in certain prairie plants


Grover, Arthur Leon (1913), Experimental cirrhosis of the liver

Hanson, A. N. (1913), The design of a club house

Hart, Beryl (1913), The short-story as written by Hawthorne

Hatz, Leonard Florian (1913), The design of a constant potential variable speed generator


Hazellett, Clarence William (1913), The vibration galvanometer, and a test of the current-sound sensibility of a telephone receiver

Keller, George Henry (1913), The design of a reinforced concrete chimney for the S.U.I. heating plant

Kieser, Lee John (1913), Test of electrically operated pumps


Krenz, Lonia Nanetta (1913), The early German novel and subsequent changes caused through English influence


Landsberg, Helene Laura (1913), Bismarck in literature


Leighton, Morris Morgan (1913), Pleistocene history of Iowa River valley north and west of Iowa City in Johnson county, Iowa

Lord, Lester (1913), Construction and tests of an electrically heated oven


Mangun, Vernon Lamar (1913), A study of a group of short course pupils in the secondary schools of Minnesota for 1912-1913


Matson, Florence Besse (1913), The critical theory of Lord Kames

McCoy, Frank Grady (1913), Design, construction and test of a Tesla coil

Melekian, Yervant Elia (1913), Nietzsche's doctrine of superman


Miles, Walter R. (1913), Accuracy of the voice in simple pitch singing


Moore, Thomas Earle (1913), Equilibrium in the system pyridine-cobalt chlorid

Morse, Roy Carleton (1913), The design of a small diesel cycle engine

Muilenburg, Garrett A. (1913), The petrology of the Wisconsin drift of the Lake Okoboji region, Dickinson County, Iowa


Myers, Walter L. (1913), Effect and method in the short story

Patton, Odis Knight (1913), History of divorce legislation in Iowa

Pierce, Glen Kenyon and Martin, Carl Omer (1913), Test on the municipal power plant at New Hampton, Iowa


Pownall, Frederick Miller (1913), A study of Milton's political opinions

Preston, Charles Irish (1913), Design of a 50-ton hopper car

Renshaw, Claude A. (1913), The design of a concrete bridge across the Iowa River


Richardson, James Wylie (1913), The legal status of the township high school


Ross, Felix Bruene (1913), Sense of rhythm


Scheetz, Mildred Esther (1913), Experimental heart lesions


St.Clair, Stuart (1913), Ore deposits produced by magmatic segregation, with special reference to the nickel ores of the Sudbury district, Ontario

Stewart, Katherine Louise (1913), The Astereae of Iowa : a taxonomic and ecological study

Stolz, Karl R. (1913), Auto-suggestion in private prayer; a study in the psychology of prayer

Stone, Stephen J. (1913), The design of a motor truck chassis


Thomas, Esther Eleanor (1913), Ruskin's theory of truth in art


Updegraff, Charles Louis (1913), Ocular tuberculosis

Vance, Thomas Franklin (1913), Variation in pitch discrimination within the tonal range


Van Houten, Lyman Henry (1913), A study of arithmetic courses in the United States


Vorhies, Fred (1913), Telescopic vision of an illuminated surface

Wallin, George Elmer (1913), Scientific design of a steel frame building for a locomotive repair shop


Weih, Elmer Paul (1913), Ozena


Williams, Mary Florence (1913), An estimate of the character of Tiberius from the data in Tacitus, Suetonius and Valleius Paterculus

Woo, Chang (1913), A new apparatus for electrolytic preparation of caustic soda


York, Frederick Russell (1913), The photo-electric high potentials of thin cathode films

Theses/Dissertations from 1912

Alexander, Archie Alphonso (1912), The design for a reinforced concrete viaduct for College Street, Iowa City, Iowa


Anderson, David Allen (1912), The school system of Norway


Anderson, Mabel Louise (1912), A study of certain principles of technique in Vergil's pictures of nature


Anderson, Roxanna E. (1912), A preliminary study of the reading tastes of high school pupils


Asquith, Benjamin Sherman (1912), Some substitutes for the general property tax


Aurner, Clarence Ray (1912), A history of township government in Iowa

Bates, Ferd Homer (1912), An investigation of the electric power supply for New Sharon, Iowa

Bosworth, William Raymond (1912), Determination of the gross efficiency of a generating unit in the State University of Iowa hydro-electric plant

Broderick, Elmer Frank (1912), Sewage disposal plant at Newton, Iowa


Cobb, Edwin (1912), Labyrinthitis


Collier, Paul Stanley (1912), A study of housing conditions in a small city : some phases of the housing problem in Iowa City


Collins, Edward Robert (1912), The correlation of secondary school grades with certain standard mental tests as evidence of general intelligence


Corey, Chester Authur (1912), The development of Anglo-Saxon juris-prudence

Crane, Albert Eli and Coffeen, Alvara Roy (1912), An investigation of the effect of bank clay and organic matter on the tensile strength and imperviousness of cement mortar

Crew, James Archibald (1912), Preliminary estimate and design of transmission line and distribution system for Delta, Iowa

Davidson, Lloyd Booth (1912), A study of some of the factors that influence the extraction of gold from ores by the cyanide process


Dodge, Homer Levi (1912), The effect of an electric current upon the elasticity of wires

Dolak, Michael Charles (1912), The design of a double track through girder railroad bridge, span 75 feet

Dvorsky, Paul E. and Ehret, James (1912), Test of the power plant of the Tipton Light and Heating Company December 26th to 30th, 1911

Ellinghouse, Ralph Herman (1912), Tests of lighting units for use in new Physics Building at S.U.I.

Engstrom, George E. (1912), The design of a 189 feet, deck, pin-connected single track railroad bridge

Everson, Joseph Emil (1912), Pre-installation tests on the chloride accumulator


Farr, Clifford Harrison (1912), The morphology of Iva xanthiifolia, Nutt


Franzén, Carl Gustave Frederick (1912), Astrology as an influence on Roman life


Gist, Julien H. (1912), The poetry of the Civil War


Hayden, Beulah (1912), A study of the theories of kinetogenesis

Hazard, Philip Lee (1912), The design of a swimming pool for the State University of Iowa

Hopkinson, Josiah Walton (1912), Design and test of a lighting system for the Trinity Episcopal Church of Iowa City, Iowa

Hunt, William Anderson (1912), The rural church problem in Johnson County


James, Gertrude Martha (1912), The artist and his work : a study in Goethe's aesthetics

Jans, John Theodore (1912), Design of a reinforced concrete mausoleum

Jans, Paul Albert Herman (1912), A colorimetric determination of the solubility of lead sulphate in aqueous solutions of sulphuric acid at 25 C


Koch, Fannie Abelina (1912), The structure of Hauptmann's dramas


Lauré, Martin John (1912), The property concepts of the early Hebrews

Lloyd, Lorin Rice (1912), The design of a sanitary sewer system for West Branch, Cedar County, Iowa

McCune, Jesse William (1912), The design of a through plate girder bridge over Ralston Creek and the Rock Island tracks in College Street

McKean, Hugh C. (1912), Design of a sanitary sewer system for Fairfield, Iowa

Miller, Harry Garfield (1912), The design of a coal-handling system for the heating plant of the State University of Iowa

Moeller, Otto Frederick and Ghose, Kashi Paty (1912), Actual relative economy in the use of steam of high and low pressure in a Corliss type engine when running at light loads


Muhleman, George Washington (1912), The interaction of enzymes


Norem, Helen Josephine (1912), Dramatic elements in the English sacred drama

Paul, Harold Wherry (1912), The effect of core shape on the inductance of a coil

Repass, Maurice Agler (1912), An investigation of the strength of a railway bridge


Robbins, Edwin Clyde (1912), The printers in Cedar Rapids; a study in organized labor


Sampson, Luman West (1912), The attitude of organized labor toward immigration

Seaver, Fred Jay (1912), The Hypocreales of North America


Secoy, Frank L. (1912), Intracranial complications of otitis media


Shercliff, Margaret Mildred (1912), The path of a rotating projectile in a resisting medium

Short, Hal (1912), Test of a single-phase induction motor


Smith, Agnes Wallace (1912), Previous legislative experience of United States senators


Smith, Franklin Orion (1912), The effect of training in tonal hearing


Smith, Robert Groff (1912), A comparison of rural and city pupils as revealed by their work in the high school