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The Sky's the Limit

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Iowa State Historical Department, Division of the State Historical Society


"Jennies", “Columbia”, “Spirit of St. Louis”, Aerodynamics, Aeroplanes, Air mail, Airline stewards, Airplane manufacturers, Airplanes, Aviation, Balloons, Billy Robinson, Biplane, Boeing Air Transport, Business, Carl Duede, Charles A. Levine, Charles A. Lindbergh, Clarence Chamberlain, Clayton Folkerts, Curtiss Flying School, Davenport Flying School, D-Day invasion, Dirigibles, Distinguished Flying Cross, Don Luscombe, Donald Douglas, Ed Parker, Ellen Church, Eugene Ely, Flight attendants, Glenn Curtiss, Growth in Iowa, Hot air ballooning, Iowa State Fair, John Percy Woodward, Mail delivery:Mary Solbrig, Monocoupe, Monoplane, Navy, Netta Snook, Origins of aviation, Orville Wright, Oscar Solbrig, Pioneers, Postal service, Ray Knabenshsue, Richard E. Byrd, Robinson’s Grinnell Aeroplane Company, Sam Baldwin, Ships and boats, Steve Stimpson, Training planes (“Jennies”), Transcontinental airway, U.S.S. Birmingham, U.S.S. Pennsylvania, Victory medal, War, Wright brothers, Orville Wright, Wilbur Wright, Willard L. Velie, Women, World War I, World War II, Velie Company

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The Goldfinch, Vol. 2, no. 1 (September 1980)