Major Department



College of Business


BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Session and Year of Graduation

Spring 2018

Honors Major Advisor

Jennifer Blair

Thesis Mentor

Amy Kristof-Brown


This study was conducted to determine the relationship between anticipations of person-environment (PE) fit and perceptions of personal proactivity in undergraduate students about to enter the workforce for the first time. The study had the intention of discovering whether students who perceive themselves as being more proactive report higher anticipations of PE fit components, specifically person-organization (PO) fit, and person-job (PJ) fit, with their first full-time employment positions. Participants’ self-reports of fit and perceived proactivity were collected through an online survey. Those willing to complete the study were also asked to report the various career preparation activities they participated in during their undergraduate careers, including: internships, job shadows, and membership in professional organizations. Results indicated that there were strong and positive correlations between a student’s perceived proactivity and their anticipations of all three types of fit, but little to no relationship between anticipated fit and the number of career preparation activities a student participated in during college. The study also found that students in specialized colleges are more likely to participate in career preparation activities, and are also more likely to report a longer amount of time when asked how long they expect to remain at their first full-time employment position.

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48 pages


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