Major Department



College of Liberal Arts & Sciences


BS (Bachelor of Science)

Session and Year of Graduation

Spring 2018

Honors Major Advisor

Cornelia Lang

Thesis Mentor

Hai Fu


We describe the selection, observations, and analysis of four potential gravitationally lensed radio active galactic nuclei within the VLA Stripe 82 Survey. Using the Very Large Array, we have obtained high-resolution (0.3'') observations of two of the four candidates. We analyze the source morphology and 5-7GHz spectral index of each source to determine whether the sources are indeed lensed. We find that neither of the observed sources are lensed, and instead they are core-jet systems contained within the host galaxies. The radio complexes at 00:42:31.4-00:43:40.6 and 01:24:55.9+00:11:17.4 are compact and extend 16.2 kpc and 19.4 kpc respectively. We also find compact, unresolved radio cores with flat spectral indices (alpha > -0.12) at the center of each complex. These systems, while not the lensed systems we sought, can serve as windows into the growth of radio jets and their propagation through the interstellar medium of the host galaxy.


active galactic nuclei, gravitational lensing, radio astronomy

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9 pages


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