Major Department



College of Education


BA (Bachelor of Arts)

Session and Year of Graduation

Fall 2016

Honors Major Advisor

Croft, Laurie J

Thesis Mentor

Croft, Laurie J


This study examined how qualitative content analysis could identify thematic trends in presentations of the Global Awareness Network of the National Association for Gifted Children conventions between 2001 and 2010. Utilizing a Qualitative Data Analysis software called nVivo, researchers input ten years of convention program information and analyzed both titles and descriptions for themes. These themes were coded within the software and then uploaded into bar graphs, highlighting common themes that emerged across network presentations in any given year. Unique themes were also represented. Results were considered for their use to inform current and future instruction of gifted learners.

Total Pages

31 pages


This research was supported in part by funding from the University of Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates (ICRU).


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