Major Department



College of Liberal Arts & Sciences


BA (Bachelor of Arts)

Session and Year of Graduation

Spring 2018

Honors Major Advisor

Johna Leddy and Ted Neal

Thesis Mentor

Laurie Croft and Claudio Margulis


This research project looks at how technology is being utilized in Analytical Chemistry 1 and how can technology usage be improved. The study started out with a lesson that was designed for discussion sections during one week of the semester. The lesson contained how to derive fractional concentration equations and how to use Excel to enter equations and plot the data correctly. After every discussion section was administered the lesson, every student taking the class was given a survey that asked questions about how it went and how is the class currently going. The survey also had an example problem so that I could compare how the students that went to the discussion did to the students that were not in attendance. The student’s reviews for the most part had similarities. Most students thought that my lesson administered was very successful to their understanding of the material. Students want the discussions to be more valuable to them because majority of the class does not show up to the discussions because they find them not useful. Therefore, the discussion have to have some value for the students. The students that showed up to my discussion did better on the example problem than the students that did not show up. This shows that when Excel is practiced with the students they will do better on analytical plotting questions. So to combine what was learned from this study, the discussions should include problems that use Excel for practicing the functions. This will also make discussions more valuable which in turn will cause more students to attend.


Analytical Chemistry, Technology, Teaching, Education, Lessons

Total Pages

26 pages


I am also an education major in a 4+1 program. I am receiving my bachelors in chemistry this semester. So I am receiving my honors in chemistry and education because this thesis and research fulfills both. There is not place to add a second major or department.


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