Major Department

Journalism and Mass Communication


College of Liberal Arts & Sciences


BA (Bachelor of Arts)

Session and Year of Graduation

Spring 2018

Honors Major Advisor

Travis Vogan

Thesis Mentor

Travis Vogan


The Take A Knee Movement against police brutality, started by former football quarterback, Colin Kaepernick was examined before and after Donald Trump’s election. Findings suggest a difference in mainstream media reporting on the movement following a September 2017 altercation between Trump and the NFL. Looking at 174 online articles, I witnessed the change in mainstream reporting over the movement from “un-American” to indicative of the rights and freedoms afforded Americans by the United States government. The media co-optation of the Take A Knee Movement, a shift from disapproving to approving coverage, signifies a trend in white America. The initial rejection and eventual adoption of Black and minority-led protest movements by the mainstream demonstrates an alteration of message which most movements must go through to continue servicing the status quo.


Take A Knee Movement, Colin Kaepernick, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Football, National Anthem

Total Pages

28 pages


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