Major Department



College of Education


BM (Bachelor of Music)

Session and Year of Graduation

Fall 2017

Honors Major Advisor

Mary Cohen

Thesis Mentor

Laurie Croft


This thesis is a review of literature based on current research regarding collaborative songwriting. The review is broken down into sections regarding collaboration, songwriting, and collaborative songwriting. Research in collaborative songwriting is finite, but the studies completed have shown positive result. I examine the two aspects of collaborative songwriting to interpret a better understanding of the topic. To start I will completing a critical examination of collaborative practices and then explore how songwriting has played a role in the life of those in secondary education, post-secondary education, and those incarcerated. Connecting these two topics, the review then discusses possible methodology for future studies, Bennett (2011), as well as in depth analysis of songwriting in classrooms. The analysis of songwriting studies will focus on the positive and negative aspects of songwriting and lead into my statement of purpose and future research questions.


Songwriting, Music Education, Collaboration

Total Pages

17 pages


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