Major Department



College of Business


BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Session and Year of Graduation

Spring 2019

Honors Major Advisor

Jennifer A. Blair

Thesis Mentor

Beth Livingston


This research project examines how negotiation alters an employer's view of a candidate. Prior research has focused on the impact of gender on negotiation processes as well as outcomes. Also of interest has been how communication style and supplemental preparation affects the monetary outcome of negotiation have been widely studied topics. My research expands the topic of negotiation by delving into how the gender of the candidate and how the candidate communicates their desire to negotiate salary impacts an employer's perspective of that candidate. We used a survey to discover how employers viewed male and female candidates after being presented with a job description and resume, as well as after the candidate has responded in one of four ways. Survey takers see either a male or female's name and pronouns on an otherwise identical resume. After rating the candidate, survey takers then see an email communication from the candidate in which their responses range from not negotiating to negotiating using various tactics. After the communication, employers rate them on the same scales previously used.


Negotiation, gender differences, perception, salary negotiation

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