Major Department

Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies


College of Liberal Arts & Sciences


BA (Bachelor of Arts)

Session and Year of Graduation

Spring 2017

Honors Major Advisor

Mary Ann Rasmussen and Sara Sanders

Thesis Mentor

Rachel Williams and Alison Oliver


I aim to draw the connections between jealousy, gender essentialism, and neoliberal capitalism through exploring how jealousy has become romanticized on social media via memes. This romanticization of jealousy not only prevents us from seeing it as a tool for abusive behaviors but also from connecting jealousy to larger systems of power and control like neoliberal capitalism. Without looking at jealousy holistically in the context of our current neoliberal capitalist system, we will not be able to disrupt or dismantle this cycle of power and control. These systems that favor masculinity, productivity, and individualism affect our behaviors in relationships, and we must address it in order to combat abusive jealous behavior. I hope this paper will show the connections between larger structures of power and individuals on relational levels. Specifically, I want to provide a better understanding of how capitalism and our current neoliberal society affects our everyday behavior and perception regarding relationships. This is important to me because I often find that helping professions--like social work--separate micro and macro practices, but taking a holistic approach, recognizing how the two intertwine and interact, provides a better way of understanding complex issues.

Total Pages

49 pages


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