Yotopia – Iowa City’s own frozen yogurt shop

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Spring 4-1-2013


Rhetoric 0009


Tom Keegan


Yotopia owner Veronica Tessler shared her story of how she went from a political science major at Virginia Commonwealth University to the owner of the first frozen yogurt shop in downtown Iowa City.

From the group's rhetorical rationale: Once we decided that we were interested in interviewing Veronica Tessler, owner of Yotopia, we had to decide how we were going to approach her so she would agree to partake in an interview. Our first attempt to reach out to her was to contact her through email. As a group we composed a short, professional email explaining the objectives of the project and presenting ourselves as students who wished to gain a deeper understanding of how Yotopia came to be and the impact it has on the Iowa City community. After not hearing back from her, after several days, we then reached out to her by giving her a call. Although she was not in, we asked for a time when she would be so that we could hopefully contact her then. Finally, after a third attempt to reach her we finally got in contact with her and were able to schedule an interview. Our persistence was itself a rhetorical technique; it showed that we were truly interested in speaking with Veronica without being annoying. In Thank You for Arguing, our actions would be considered good kairos because we spaced out when we contacted her, by days, and when one method of reaching out did not work we used another (227). By deciding to email Veronica first we hoped to give her time to think it over and avoid her feeling rushed to make a quick decision, which we felt a phone call would do. Therefore, after she didn’t answer for a few days we felt a phone call would be a persuasive method since she was aware of our interest and further explanation of the project led her to agree to an interview.


132 S Clinton Street, Iowa City, IA 52240


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