Nialle Sylvan – “The Haunted Bookshop Changes for Brighter Future”

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Fall 10-1-2013


Rhetoric 0044


Alicia Bones


Nialle Sylvan, the owner of the Haunted Bookshop, talks of her experience going from a renter to an owner and the need to find the perfect balance in the Northside neighborhood.

Our Project is regarding the Northside neighborhood and the situation of renting versus owning property. This issue has risen in the Northside neighborhood as it is changing to be mainly rent-based property because of the rise of college students. College renters have no incentive to keep their property presentable, which leads to declining property value. The issue also applies to businesses in the area. The Haunted Bookshop noticed this change and the difficulties of surviving as a rented space business. They wanted to become a cornerstone business of the Northside. If this issue goes unnoticed any longer, Northside would lose the atmosphere that makes it so unique unlike any other neighborhood.


203 N Linn St. Iowa City, IA, 52245


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