The Newman Singers

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Oral History

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Fall 10-1-2013


Rhetoric 0008


Gavin Feller


Our project is over the Newman Singers at the Newman Center

Deciding to do the Newman Singers was something we thought to be a big deal because not very many people know of their story and who they are. Most of our own group members did not know who they were or what they did before this project and so intriguing questions came to mind. After researching the choir group, we realized that they are an amazing group of people who give back to the Johnson County community in the ways of not only singing at masses, but doing community events. Whether being part of the religion they support or not, they always make you feel welcome by their excitement for positive change. Being the underdogs of the community by doing many community events, but not many knowing who they are, their story had to be told.


104 East Jefferson Street, Iowa City, IA, 52245


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