The Muscatine Connectivity Project – Connecting the Mississippi River Trail in Muscatine and Its Benefits

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Fall 10-1-2013


Rhetoric 0146


Matt Gilchrist


The Mississippi River Trail, a bike path that runs from Minnesota to Louisiana with a few gaps in Eastern Iowa, should be fully connected in those areas to bring more bikers to the Muscatine area for economic and touristic benefits.

Our project features the story of the Mississippi River Trail, and unfortunately, some of its faults. Though quite impressive, there are gaps in the trail through the Muscatine and Eastern Iowa Area. Our project explores these gaps and the benefits they would bring to the Muscatine area if the trail were to be completed. Both Chris Steinbach, a leader of the Melon City Bike Club, and Andrea Cohen, a bike shop employee and resident of Davenport, agree that completing the trail would bring touristic, economic, and community benefits to the area.


Muscatine riverfront, IA


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