Read One a Day, One a Week, or Even Just One – the Iowa Avenue Literary Walk

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Oral History

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Fall 10-1-2013


Rhetoric 0146


Matt Gilchrist


We observe and discuss the Iowa Avenue Literary Walk and the apathy that Iowa City’s people have towards it today, which contrasts with Paul Ingram’s stories about the early enthusiasm around the project.

Our narrative consists of a brief history and descriptions of the Iowa Avenue Literary Walk, the impressions of some passers-by we met there, and an interview with Paul Ingram, the book-buyer at Prairie Lights Bookstore, who was on the committee that selected the authors for the Walk. Our purpose is to show the contrast between the lack of interest in the Walk of the Iowa City community today and the old excitement that existed when the Walk was in progress. The lack of enthusiasm implies a greater lack of enthusiasm in the city’s culture of literature, which we see as a problem. Our hope is that our narrative will encourage the listener to stop and read at least one quote when they pass by the Walk, to preserve the culture of literature.


Iowa Avenue, Iowa City, IA


Copyright © 2013 Stefanie Cook, Sophie Katz and Izaskun Lejarcegui


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