Tales of the River – Muscatine

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Oral History

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Fall 10-1-2013


Rhetoric 0146


Matt Gilchrist


Two Muscatine residents provided us with stories and memories about the river.

Two long-time residents of Muscatine shared with us their stories and memories about the Mississippi River in Muscatine. Both of the residents, Anita and Michael, have lived in Muscatine for a considerable portion of their lives. They each told stories about events they witnessed on the river, for example Anita shared some stories about accidents on the river and Michael shared some memories he had when he was a boy. Anita and Michael were especially interested in the boats that frequent the Mississippi in Muscatine. They had been on a few boats and really thought that the activities on the Mississippi made the river and the town more exciting.


Muscatine Tower Apartments, East 6th Street, Muscatine, IA


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