The Northside Marketplace Literary Walk – Iowa City's Tribute to Literature

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Oral History

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Fall 10-1-2013


Rhetoric 0146


Matt Gilchrist


The Northside Marketplace Literary Walk, full of sculptures and plaques, is a testament to Iowa City's standing as a UNESCO recognized City of Literature.

While not something you might notice right away, the Northside Marketplace Literary Walk is home to numerous works of art commemorating Iowa City’s literary standing. Its pieces speak to the many poets, authors, composers, and other literary luminaries that have ties to the state of Iowa. Through speaking with Nialle Sylvan from the Haunted Bookshop and Niki Neems of RSVP, we discovered how the Literary Walk impacts surrounding businesses. Nialle in particular shared ideas of how to improve the Walk or give it more attention, whereas Niki seemed more content with the current state of the Walk. Through both of their testimonies it became to clear to us that the Walk has played an important part in celebrating the work of many influential writers, and should continue to do so.


203 N Linn St, Iowa City, IA 52245


Copyright © 2013 Nate Ahsmann, Chloe Cable and Samantha Kaplan


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