Behind the Scenes of Melrose

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Oral History

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Fall 10-1-2013


Rhetoric 0007


Chelsea Burk


For this project we decided that the AA house on Melrose deserved to have more attention brought to it.

For this topic, we attended and interviewed members of the AA house on Melrose, to see how they felt about not only drinking, but other topics surrounding them in the community. We thought that this story deserved more attention because everyone knows about the drinking and the partying that happens on Melrose, but they might not know about the AA house located on it. We also thought that it I would make a good speech because the topic is so unknown. Our process was to focus on getting all of our information and then putting it together in a rhetorically effective way to produce not only a good podcast, but also be able to give a good speech.


501 Melrose Avenue, Iowa City, Iowa 52240


Copyright © 2013 Katie Hudson, Qianping Liu and Bailey Mikkelsen


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