John's Grocery – The "Dirty" Truth

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Fall 10-1-2013


Rhetoric 0072


Tom Keegan


We talked to Doug Alberhasky, the current manager of long time Iowa City grocery store John's Grocery, about all his experiences over the years and why he feels John's has been able to stay successful.

For our Iowa Narratives Project, we interviewed the manager of John's Grocery, Doug Alberhasky. John's has been in Iowa City for over 60 years and Doug has worked there since his grandfather opened the store. Doug discussed some of his best memories over the years and why John's has stayed open for this long. Some of his memories were sweet, some humorous, and others not so fun. In a world where superstores are so common, John's Grocery and its employees have worked to keep the small town customer focus at the top of their priorities to stay in business. He taught us how spending locally is a major key to keeping a community's businesses up and running. John's Grocery: The "Dirty" Truth


401 E Market St. Iowa City, IA 52245


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