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Spring 4-1-2014


Rhetoric 0071


Chelsea Burk


On the corner of Linn and Market Street you can find something truly unique to Iowa City that embodies the small, college town charm; we got a closer look at the history by interviewing the owner, employees, and customers of the Hamburg Inn.

Our Iowa Narratives project is based on the Hamburg Inn restaurant located on the corner of Linn and Market street. The Hamburg Inn is Iowa City’s oldest family owned restaurant since 1948. The Hamburg Inn originally started in the mid 1930’s when Joe Panther started the Hamburg Inn on Iowa Avenue. Then in 1948, another Fritz brother, forming a partnership with the Hamburg Inn No.1 and No.2, bought Mrs. Van’s restaurant on North Linn Street. The Hamburg Inn has been featured in the Washington Post and visited by many politicians and candidates. During our interview, we spoke with the owner of he Hamburg Inn who talked a lot about how the Hamburg Inn has become to be a major cultural icon to the people of Iowa City. We also got the chance to speak with an employee along with a few customers who shared their thoughts on the restaurant and told us all about what makes the Hamburg Inn special to them.


214 North Linn Street, Iowa City, IA, 52242


Copyright © 2014 Lindsey Degnan, Nicolette Abruzino and Hayley Brandser


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