The Plight of the Poor – Iowa City and the Homeless Community

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Oral History

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Spring 4-1-2014


Rhetoric 0071


Chelsea Burk


The homeless community is misunderstood and should be respected as equals by the people of Iowa City.

For this project, we conducted an interview with officer Schwindt about the homeless community and its relation to Iowa City. During the interview, Schwindt brought up very interesting points regarding the reasons for homelessness and the prejudices that accompany their presence in the city. On the contrary to what most citizens assume, many of the homeless have the same concerns as regular citizens about the safety and security of Iowa City. The officer also mentioned the issue regarding the use of the homeless shelter. Many in the homeless community that have substance abuse problems are not permitted to use the homeless shelter. We propose the idea for a free rehabilitation center designed specifically offering treatment and shelter.


Dubuque St Iowa City, IA 52240


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