Washington Street and the Concrete Glass Building

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Oral History

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Spring 4-1-2014


Rhetoric 0071


Chelsea Burk


The argument on whether Washington Street should be reconstructed or not.

Washington Street is one of the most popular places in Iowa City. It is filled with several stores and restaurants, including Jimmy John's, Pancheros, and Running Wild. There are college students, workers, and homeless people that swamp the street constantly day and night. A place that is so historically influenced and successful like Washington feels as if it could remain without change. That is not the case. Washington has been going through a lot of construction. With the idea that it can be remastered. This has brought tension within the community. While some people want to see Washington fixed and cleaned, others are afraid the construction is kicking certain people out. Our podcast presents both sides and tries to figure out which way is best for everybody.


188 E Washington St, Iowa City, IA 52240


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